State Legislation – Advocacy

Last year in the state legislature there were a few bills that we were taking positions on that were important for the future of Clean Energy in the state and locally.  This year we will do this again and, to start with right in January SB 100 which calls for 100% Renewable Energy in CA by 2045 for electricity.  Our campaign and discussion of that bill is led by 350 Bay Area’s Legislative Committee where you can see other bills as well but our campaign conference calls is a place for discussion on ones we find that our campaign will follow in connection with the Legislative Campaign.Supporting legislation to raise the threshold for how much electricity in California must come from renewable sources and stopping legislation that tries to hamper Community Choice Energy, a very effective way to increase the pace of development of local, renewable energy, is a big focus of this campaign.

Last year we were focused on passage of a strong SB 692 (it was recently amended to make it much weaker, and was pulled by the author with a possibility of bringing it back this year.  It was being pushed for by Clean Coalition and others and related to Transmission Access Charges which, if done right, could encourage more distributed generation. It looks like the CA Independent Service Operator (CAISO) is going to accomplish something like the purpose of the bill with consultation, so it is unlikely there will be a need for it, but it could be brought back as it is a two year bill.  Also, we were Opposed to SB 618 (which passed) and AB 920  two bills that unnecessarily disadvantage community choice energy programs.  And, of course, there is SB 100 which was former President Pro Tem Senator Kevin De Leon’s bill which, sadly, Assembly leadership refused to allow a vote on. It is back now and we need to let everyone know that we want it passed right away now that this year’s legislative session is underway. Here is the new website sponsored by all the groups sponsoring SB100: .  And Here is our first effort towards that goal.  We did succeed in stopping two bills (AB 813 and AB 726) that could have damaged the viability of current Community Choice Energy and killed any future efforts.  But AB 813 is back as a grid regionalization bill that we are very concerned about. Here is our Letter of Opposition to the Bill.  We will be looking for other bills to support during the year as we go along and will talk on our Campaign Calls about this.