State Legislation – Advocacy

This year in the state legislature there were a few bills that we were taking positions on that are important for the future of Clean Energy in the state and locally.  You can see more bills 350 Bay Area’s Legislative Committee focused on as well as these if you go to that “campaign”.  We want to highlight a couple of the important ones. Supporting legislation to raise the threshold for how much electricity in California must come from renewable sources and stopping legislation that tries to hamper Community Choice Energy, a very effective way to increase the pace of development of local, renewable energy, is a big focus of this campaign.

This year we were focused on passage of a strong SB 692 (it was recently amended to make it much weaker, and now has been pulled by the author with a possibility of bringing it back next year) which was being pushed for by Clean Coalition and others related to Transmission Access Charges which, if done right, could encourage more distributed generation. Also, we were Opposed to SB 618 and AB 920  two bills that unnecessarily disadvantage community choice energy programs.  And, of course, there is SB 100 which is President Pro Tem Senator Kevin De Leon’s bill to get us to 100% Renewable energy by 2045 which, sadly, Assembly leadership refuse to allow a vote on. Hopefully we can bring it back next year.  We did succeed in stopping two bills (AB 813 and AB 726) that could have damaged the viability of current Community Choice Energy and killed any future efforts, but some version is likely to come back next year. We need to get proactive and stop playing defense all the time.